Systems Engineering

Your future can be brighter than you think if you make the right decisions now.


All StarfieldConnects usually begin with an academic objective to inspire, connect and transform the student.

The academic objective of this trip is to expose the students to a variety of organizations and topics in systems engineering and help them understand how to leverage their existing skills and passion into a meaningful career.



See the future of a variety of systems engineering through the eyes of those that are doing it as a job.


Understand the future of technology and plot your course in this dynamic career.


Develop deep connections with leading organizations in SILICON VALLEY NORTH.

Meet with Leaders

Meet with some of the leaders and mentors in a systems engineering.


Understand why it is important for you to have your personal life strategy to succeed in today’s job environment.

Locations Offered

San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley in the USA.  Find out whats new in systems engineering and understand how you can align your career with what is happening in Silicon Valley.

TORONTO/SILICON VALLEY NORTH – the worlds unsung hero; Silicon Valley has more new hires than the original Silicon Valley! See this dynamic tech corridor and what makes it unique and….maybe find a home for your skills.

Topics covered

  • Real world implementation of the IoT world (Sidewalk Toronto)
  • Integration of hardware companies (like AMD)
  • Building towards the future (e.g: Microsoft)
  • Networking & Security (CISCO)
  • Start-up vs. established work environments – risks and benefits

add-on options

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a view of the future and also to provide you with skills and personal insights that you can use right now to build your career.

We offer relevant workshops that helps students in a variety of skill sets to build their careers. For example: students on this trip have sometimes opted for a “Personal Branding” workshop. 

In addition – most of our trips are to places that have a tourist attraction nearby and often people want to extend their stay to fully take advantage of the cultural aspects of the locations. For example: Toronto is less that 1 1/2 hours from Niagara Falls.

Here are some testimonials from some of our students

Diego De Stefano

Past: Graduate StarfieldConnects, Current: CEO Triploop

Special note: Diego is a past graduate of a Starfield trip. He is now the CEO of Triploop which has recently been accepted into Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality Incubator. He attributes some of his success to his Starfield experience which taught him that most people are capable of amazing things. While we would love to claim credit for his success…it would not be true. All we did was expose him to people who could assist in his journey.

We never underestimate the creativity of the students who come on the trips! Irving G.

International Relations Student, ITESM

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